Case Studies Style 2 Layout 2

Case Studies Style 2 Layout 2
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Experience-driven onboarding

Experience-driven onboarding Delivering a seamless, automated, and employee-centric onboarding solution Situation After a tumultuous seven-year period that included…

Quality, Care, Culture. A true partnership

Situation Our Client and ExpertsConnent offshore recruitment team have enjoyed a successful partnership since 2016. However, Our client…

Supporting the talent growth strategy of a global leading hospitality company

Situation One of the world’s leading multinational hospitality companies with over 350,000 employees worldwide and 5,964 hotels globally…

Oil User’s Research

About Research Fortune Xpert is Fortune’s multi-blend, Value added Oil sub-brand. Previously there were 2 variants: Pro Sugar…

Car Clinic Research

About Research To understand One way to gain more input about the opinions and preferences from the customer’s…

CLT Research

About Research To understand the home-use test where testing takes place in the participants’ homes, CLTs take place…

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