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Car Clinic Research

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To understand One way to gain more input about the opinions and preferences from the customer’s point of view is the “Car Clinic.” A Car Clinic is a market test in which customers provide in-depth feedback on a new concept or existing car model. The automaker shows the consumer between four and eight competing brands and models.

Challenges & Solutions

Those who have bought the Hatchback cars will know as an owner of a car. From this, we came to know what are their expectations. and what are the additional features they want in the car?


Target Audience:

(Male/Female, age = 25-45 years) have purchased a new Hatchback car in the last 1 year.


We have conducted this research study in Delhi, India

Client Benefits

  • Customer expectation (customer’s previous experiences and will vary depending on the industry and company).
  • To know competitor’s brand in a market.
  • We identified from the customer’s behavior what other features are needed in a car.  
  • Also identified the difference between the old model car and the new model car.


Outstanding! ExpertsConnect not only conducted very customized interviews but provided us with the "so what does it mean" analysis. This resulted in DCX adopting several programs that helped us with messaging, branding, and 'next steps' for closing new businesses!

Car Clinic


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