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To understand the home-use test where testing takes place in the participants’ homes, CLTs take place in a controlled environment  CLTs, commonly referred to as hall tests, have a number of advantages, including the ability to interact in person with the participants.

Challenges & Solutions

Our client wants to launch a new product; we are providing the solution to know to blend & taste in the same category.

Target Audience :

Male age = 25-55 years) consuming Cigarettes once a day.


We have conducted this research study in Gorakhpur, UP, India

Client Benefits

  • The ability to obtain “raw” feedback after tasting the sample product.  
  • Being able to ask questions in real-time based on participant actions.
  • Fully test intangible concepts along with tangible goods. 
  • Ability to recruit a large number of participants in a short amount of time.

Good Job

Outstanding! Expertsconnect not only conducted very customized interviews but provided us with the "so what does it mean" analysis. This resulted in DCX adopting several programs that helped us with messaging, branding, and 'next steps' for closing new businesses!

CLT Client


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