Oil User’s Research

Oil User’s Research

About Research

  • Fortune Xpert is Fortune’s multi-blend, Value added Oil sub-brand.
  • Previously there were 2 variants: Pro Sugar Conscious and Pro Immunity. 
  • In January company launched its 3rd Product:  Fortune Total Balance.
  • To understand Pro Sugar is for a more functional health benefit (diabetes control) | Pro Immunity and Total balance fall in the overall Wellness/balanced lifestyle category.

Challenges & Solutions

The client told us to take interviews and recruitment of the oil user

To know about the health-conscious people, which is a premium brand oil, planning the strategy according to the client, a marketing plan should be prepared according to the client, to know about the supply chain management.

Target Audience:

NCCS AB, Married Females,35-50 years, Sole decision maker while purchasing groceries, Mix of Working & Non-Working females.


We have conducted this research study in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

Client Benefits :

  • To identify the Consumers expectations
  • Client interaction with consumers to know the perception of the consumers.
  • Brand availability in a market
  • To know the oil users (means what type of oil they want)
  • To know the competitive market segment

Director level involvement throughout the project

Really happy with the quick response and implementation of the survey. Expecting to have further opportunities to collaborate."

FMCG Brand


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