Data Collection Services

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Data Collection Services
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Data Collection Services

An access to fresh, valid and accurate data

We are trained to shift through any type of data and transform it into meaningful market and business insights to help your company make the best business decisions possible.

We have extensive research and data analysis skills to efficiently execute data collection. Our professionals with data collection experience use advanced techniques to collect large amounts of data and deliver valuable analytics insights to your organisation in the form of visual dashboards.

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We thoroughly examine each research project to identify the most appropriate innovative strategies and techniques for data acquisition, data analysis, and report generation in order to demonstrate a true commercial advantage. The team is made up of industry veterans and experts in data acquisition and survey management.


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Our work procedure

Once a client project is commission, there are 4 divisions that are involved in the smooth execution

Project Management
  • A link between the client and the internal Field teams.
  • Complete Field Assistance
  • Dashboard-based Quota Management
  • Keeping an eye on Client Deliveries
  • Successful Project Completion
Field Division
  • Briefing on training
  • Data Gathering
  • Accompanying in the Field
  • Personal Background Check
  • Monitoring Daily Productivity
  • Management of Quotas in the Field
QM & Compliance
  • Audio Examination
  • Telephone Rechecking
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Audit report to the appropriate team
  • Audit Synopsis
  • PM and Field Process Compliance Check
IT Division
  • Survey Programming and Scripting
  • Solutions for software (including device security checks)
  • Device procurement, device storage, and device allocation
  • Repairing and Upkeep
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CATI stands for Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing. It is a survey research method that involves using computer software to assist in…

Face to Face Survey

Face-to-face surveys can provide valuable qualitative and quantitative data, allowing for in-depth exploration of topics and capturing rich contextual information.…

Customized Insights

CUSTOMIZED INSIGHTS Customized insights refer to the process of tailoring data analysis and interpretation to address specific needs, objectives, or…

Online Surveys

ONLINE SURVEYS Online surveys are a method of data collection that involves administering questionnaires or surveys to participants through digital…

Mystery Shopping

MYSTERY SHOPPING Mystery shopping research is a methodological approach used to evaluate and assess the quality of service and customer…

Political Research

POLITICAL RESEARCH Political research refers to the systematic study and analysis of political phenomena, institutions, processes, and behavior. It involves…
spectrum of business decisions

Industry Expertise

We have extensive expertise across multiple industries

Banking & Financial
IT and Telecom
Opinion Polls
Social & Development Sector
Education/ Edtech
Travel & Hospitality
Power and Energy
Media & Entertainment
Professional Services

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