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Enabling our partner organizations with offshore recruitment solutions designed to understand the very nature of the client’s problem.
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Services for Staffing Agencies looking to improve their performance and stay ahead of the competition.

360° Recruiting
Complete sourcing, qualifying, technical screening, resume formatting, and submission to VMS/MSP portal.
Candidate Screening
Screening interested, available, and matching candidates over the phone using a generic screening and resume gathering process.
Resume Sourcing
Sourcing and delivering qualified candidates through a combination of active job boards, passive and unconventional methods.
Lead Generation and Mapping
This service keeps you ahead of the competition by generating business leads or mapping talent from competitors.
Virtual Assistants
VMS/ATS Management, Resume Writing/Format, Audit & Compliance, Contractor Care, and other duties are performed.
Database Regeneration
Filter your database for active candidates or regenerate it to validate active records; Database Regeneration has you covered.
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Solutions for global enterprises and agencies looking to hire employees and build their dream team.

Contingency Search
Assisting you in filling long-term open positions and paying only when you have found the right candidate and they have completed the guarantee period.
Retained Search
Use a retainer agreement to hire our recruitment experts to fill multiple positions for a fixed and capped fee.
Executive Search
Customised and consultative approach to assisting businesses in filling senior level positions while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Entrust Your Business Performance To Experts

People, Processes, and Practises are the three major components of long-term growth. Your company will outperform if it has a motivated team, solid processes, and consistent practises. We step in to provide your people and business with an out-of-the-box solution or an outside perspective, and we stay with your team for a while to coach, mentor, and practise the tried-and-true strategies.

Expertsconnect disseminates tried-and-true tools, methodologies, strategies, and best practises that enable teams to think strategically and execute effectively in order to achieve their business goals. We will guide and support you as you and your team strive for overall growth, company alignment, a stronger leadership team, and an accountability culture.

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