Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping programs offer businesses a valuable tool to evaluate and improve their customer experience, maintain service quality, and gain a competitive edge in the market.
Mystery Shopping


Mystery shopping research is a methodological approach used to evaluate and assess the quality of service and customer experience provided by businesses. It involves hiring individuals, known as mystery shoppers, who pose as ordinary customers and visit businesses to observe and evaluate various aspects of the customer journey.

How It Works?

Mystery shopping research aims to provide an objective and detailed assessment of the customer experience and identify areas for improvement. Here’s an explanation of how mystery shopping research works:

Research Objectives

Mystery shopping research begins by establishing clear research objectives. These objectives define what aspects of the customer experience will be evaluated and what specific criteria or standards will be used for assessment.

Mystery Shopper Selection

Mystery shoppers are carefully selected based on specific demographic or behavioral criteria relevant to the research objectives. They should reflect the target customer profile of the business being evaluated.

Evaluation Criteria

These criteria can include various dimensions of the customer experience, such as employee behavior, service quality, cleanliness, product knowledge, response time, adherence to policies or standards, and overall customer satisfaction. The criteria are customized based on the research objectives and the specific requirements of the business

Mystery Shopping Visits

Mystery shoppers visit the selected businesses, interacting with employees and experiencing the customer journey as regular customers. They carefully observe and document their interactions, noting specific behaviors, experiences, or issues based on the predetermined evaluation criteria.

Data Collection

This can include completing standardized evaluation forms, writing detailed narratives, or providing audio or video recordings of their interactions. The data collected typically focuses on both objective observations.

Data Analysis

This analysis involves examining the findings across visits, identifying patterns or trends, and comparing the performance of different businesses or locations. 

Reporting and Recommendations

The report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each business or location, provides a detailed analysis of the customer experience, and offers recommendations for improvement.

Key Benifits

Mystery shopping offers several benefits for businesses, including:

Mystery shopping research aims to provide an objective and detailed assessment of the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

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